TWB Group. is a low profit company for food security, controlled by the no-profit Organization, IFFSS-International Foundation for Food Security and Safety.

TWB works with the aim to aggregate Italian enterprises with a view to setting up projects in Developing Countries, in Asia (especially in China), for ensuring rural sustainable development, technological innovation, food safety and food security.

TWB is present in China with its own company, TWB International Ltd, based in Hong Kong.

Working sectors:

  • Set-up of Technological Hubs (or parts of them) for food safety and security according to quality and sanitary European rules (pig, dairy cattle, beef, sheep, goat, poultry, fish, etc. production lines - from breeding and processing to the market);
  • Set-up of TWB Animal Genetic centers (especially for TWB hybrid pigs);
  • Engineering & construction for slaughtering, feed, meat and vegetables processing, organic fertilizers plants, etc. according to European sanitary standards and rules;
  • Promotion and distribution of made in Italy products and set-up of commercial networks and logistic platforms;
  • Tutoring of Italian enterprises in Developing Countries and in Asia;
  • Establishment of joint ventures aimed at setting up food and agricultural districts;
  • Cooperation projects for food and sanitary security and new energies (biogas, etc.).

Core business

Set-up of natural agricultural, animal husbandry and food industries chain and production lines (especially in pigs sector), having zero environmental impact, ensuring sanitary safety.

The goal is to ensure:

quality and food sanitary safety
environmental protection
rural sustainable development
food security in Developing Countries.


TWB S.p.A. has TWB licenses and know-how for animal genetics and production line processes (from production to processing and packaging), according to the latest technologies, with total traceability and according to European sanitary and certification standards.

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