Our challenge

TWB Group. is involved in the research for the agriculture-food-animal husbandry-zero impact supply chains, natural and safe from the health point of view, with the following benefits:
  • Improved yield of the finished product, both as regards the health and for the organoleptic properties and quality.
  • In finished products (meat, milk, eggs, etc.) no chemical and pharmaceutical residues responsible for serious damage to health, especially in children and in pregnant women.
  • Improved living conditions for the animals, which are selected, bred and reared with TWB methodology.
  • Significant reduction of animal diseases; livestock are reared in wellness and are continuously monitored through a tele-center security system.
  • Conservation of animal biodiversity through the valorization and use of native species.

TWB TECHNICAL-SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE The TWB know-how is coordinated by a Scientific Committee, composed of professors of the best Italian Universities and is managed by a company that can rely on the best European engineers. They ensure health safety and food quality in all the supply chain.

● ● ● TWB and the sanitary emergencies ● ● ●
TWB can supply remote security systems for disease prevention and monitoring In the emergencies due to frequent epidemic outbreaks, TWB offers concrete solutions:

  • To consumers, who have acquired - particularly in recent times and because of the facts mentioned above - a strong sensitivity to the guarantees of food products;
  • To farmers who must find as soon as possible more profitable conditions and manufacturing solutions accepted by the market;
  • To Governmental Authorities, who need to plan a long-term renewal of agro-food infrastructures for the food self-production at a people-affordable cost.

The TWB competitive advantage is given by the set of results and experiences collected over 40 years of activity, successfully committed to the creation of agro-food products of almost zero impact and maximum health security, that we call TWB, (standing for Technological Winning Breeding, Bioenergy & Biofood). TWB ensures competitiveness at an international level, from any point of view: production costs, product quality and transparency and the absolute certainty of health.

The supply chain organization program "TWB System" is innovative and totally overcomes the usual concept of trademark, until now seen on the market, which does not give sufficient guarantees and is contestable, for it does not assure the health safety at all stages in the supply chain "from the earth, to the consumer's plate," which actually is real time certified.
TWB new food products are "natural, clean and transparent", provided with a special mark guaranteed by the oldest internationally recognized Health Authority, with over 8 centuries of activity, in order to meet the expectations and demands of consumers. In the food industry “high quality product” means a product which's health security is absolutely guaranteed and which's origin is from totally controlled and certified areas, with total traceability, well segregated from other crops or contaminated sources.