Social Commitments

The engagement for food security, rural sustainable development and environment protection
TWB System is a consolidated reality having a 50-year experience; it has been mainly operating in Developing Countries, inspired by the following guidelines:
  • Fight against hunger and poverty
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Health and Environment protection
  • Technological transfer for agricultural development and environment protection

These guidelines are implemented through a worldwide activity, thanks also to the support of local social structures in Africa, Asia, Latin America and in some areas of the East Europe, with a view to setting up integrated projects for a sustainable rural development.
Equity and food security Greater equity to ensure food security is the real engine for TWB which, thanks to the new major shareholder

IFFSS, International Foundation for Food Safety & Security,

can rely on several professional organizations and joint ventures to face the great ethical challenge for sustainable development.

The Foundation will set up repeatable and renewable pilot projects for spreading models and systems able to allow poor people to have access to the means of production and, as a consequence, to be self-sufficient thanks to their work.

Through promoted or participated companies (one for each area – Asia, Africa, Latino America) the Foundation works together with its partners as lever for promoting TWB projects in different areas, ensuring all the necessary means – technical and economic – for achieving the goals, one of which is to organize a net of local deeply skilled technicians, able to transfer technology and to co-run human and environmentally friendly projects.

The Foundation will establish, together with some international organization, a two-years MBA in environmental protection, food security and safety and rural development projects administration, dedicated to students with honors degree, coming from Developing Countries and promoted by local social Institutions.

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